Rebus Upsell Plug-in


I work with Rebus, designing, and conceptualizing their new plugin for Ancillary Revenue. They find a market opportunity by comparing with all the competitors and see that there was a saturation of Event applications. But instead, there was an opportunity because nobody was thinking in Ancillary Revenue. My role was as a consultor in product strategy and design and also UX/UI designer, designing a Design System that will work for the new product and also the administrator interface for this plugin.

Rebus Tech
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Latin America
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The Challenge

The challenge was to do a UI that will also be exciting and new for the user, but also flexible to be implemented in different event platforms.
The experience needs to be smooth and easy, with a dev-friendly installation for their partners. 

Upselling + Social proof

The process start with several meetings where we start thinking about the final solution. With the product team and CPO we research and benchmark a lot of competitors to figure it out solutions. Then we realize how important was that the plugin was flexible to all partners. Our research with clients show us the potential of the product.


As a Plugin, this product need an administrator where users can set and configure all the items and options we provide. This works similar to an e-commerce allowing people to add ancillary revenues as products and set things like variations, schedules, discounts, inventory and prices.


As a white brand this product also let people add their own logos, colors and customize how the final user is going to see it.